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Alanya Rentals

Residential property trust management

Новый формат сдачи жилья, получения дохода и спокойной жизни

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- Договор на обслуживание
- Подготовка (уборка, оборудование)
- Надзор за тех.состоянием квартиры
- Оптимизируем налоговые затраты
- Без предоплат (% от арендной платы)
- Полная конфиденциальность

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- Поиск клиентов
- Рекламные мероприятия
- Заселение и выселение 24/7 (трансфер)
- Оплата коммунальных платежей
- Ежемесячная полная отчетность
- Регистрационные действия согласно ТР

investments Tyrkey

- Подбор инвестиционных проектов
- Просчитаем доходность
- Оценка всех рисков
- Предлагаем только те проекты, в которых участвуем сами
- Договор на гарантированную прибыль

Looking to buy property on the Mediterranean coast?

This is for us!

There are many offers, agencies are bombarded with offers, but what is really worth buying? How to understand all this?

Consider what you are offered, evaluate, calculate, advise. We will offer our options

So, I bought an apartment, but what next?
How to rent? Are the taxes high? Who can you trust? Is this even legal?
I'm completely confused :(

Don't panic! Let's figure it out :)
We will answer all your questions, tell you all the nuances, if necessary - take control.
Once we ourselves started with similar questions, we figured it out - we will help you too!

The rent is clear. 
How else can you make money?
Have you heard that it is profitable to invest in a construction site? 
What about investments?

We will help you choose a project for investment.
Let's calculate the profitability, assess the risks.
No water or promises.
Only those projects in which we participate ourselves!

- maybe you need a ready-made, working version?

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Дом с бассейном

Looking for a property for:

- living on a permanent basis

- renting

- subsequent resale

Contact us!

Property For Sale

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+90 (534) 288 46 07 

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